Shayan Ali


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Shayan Ali


I am Shayan Ali.

I am a “Dark Programmed Philosopher”. I teach how to Control People (Mind) with Programmed Emotions and Control Life (Situations) with Programmed Behavior.

Here I reveal the secrets on how to control any mind with “Dark Programmed Emotions” and how to control any situation with “Dark Programmed Behavior”

Why I am Dark because I use something which the Society considers WRONG but actually it is not. Why I am Programmed because I use something in a way which our Society considers pure MADNESS but actually it is not. 
>>> Here I PROVE it !

WARNING: Immediately Leave this Website If you don’t want your MIND to be CONTROLLED. This Website is written, structured and designed in a way that it will unconsciously convince you to believe in my Philosophy no matter how much you resist consciously. Every word, picture, video and layout design on this website is programmed to CHANGE your philosophy Sooner or Later.